Drum Lessons

The Scoop

I started teaching drums to young people because I've always loved passing on knowledge to others, and of course I love the drums, so it seemed fitting to combine the two. I enjoy watching a young person get a concept for the first time and their positive reaction to it.

The Deal

Rates for lessons are $30 per 1/2 hour or $60 per hour pay as you go.

The Super Deal

If you pay for 4 lessons (or more) in advance, the rate drops to $25 per 1/2 hour or $50 per hour.

For more detailed information, cancellation policy, and all that small print stuff, please download this pdf file.

People say...

"When my six-year old daughter, Sage (pictured right), asked for a drum set for her birthday, I silently hoped that she'd change her mind. All I could imagine was the crashing noise of sticks on drums ringing throughout our home. But, when she didn't waiver as her birthday drew nearer, my husband and I called around to local music stores for drum teacher recommendations. After interviewing several potential instructors, we found Renee Solano. From that first phone call, it was clear that she had a rare gift, especially for teaching young people. She had been teaching children for years, but none as young as six, however she was willing to give it a try and see if Sage was able to participate.

Well, here we are a year later, and that soon-to-be-seven-year-old is still playing! The weekly lessons given at Renee's home on her large drum set give Sage the motivation to come home and practice on her small one. The homework is easy-to-follow and always builds on what she's already learned. Sage has accomplished so many drum skills at her young age: from reading music to playing a buzz roll and on to more complex rhythmic patterns. And, it is through Renee's gentle and competent teaching style that Sage continues to grow--not only her skill as a drummer, but in the overall sense of self, empowerment and achievement that playing drums can instill in a little girl."

-Mary Anne Kramer-Urner
-Dave Kramer-Urner

"I think Tucker is doing VERY well! He is enthusiastically practicing with little or no reminders. He set up his own practice station in his room. When I reminded him to play with the metronome, he practiced for an extra 10 minutes. To my ear, he's hitting his beats reliably. If this keeps up we'll get him a mechanical drum set he can practice on with head phones for Xmas and a real trap set later on. He can also get some practice on when our housemates' band rehearses here - they do jazz/rock.
Thank you so much!"
-Gail Swain

"Renee couldn't be a better teacher!! My son looks forward to drum lessons. Ever since he started he's been enthusiastic. I think that has alot to do with Renee as a teacher. She's personable, accomodating, and organized. My son tends to be shy and is very opinionated about his teachers. After the first lesson with Renee he decided he wanted to continue on with drums saying 'she's really nice!!'"

-Jennifer Hodges

"Renee has been an excellent drum teacher for my daughter. She is patient, gentle and very encouraging. She teaches the fundamentals of drumming as well as the particular styles of music my daughter enjoys. Within two months we had not just a drum student in the family, but a drummer who is making a pleasing sound, and this is thanks to Renee!"

-Laura Crosser

"Tom always comes out of his drum lessons with Renee with a big smile on his face. As a teenager, Tom has very definite ideas about the kind of music he wants to play and listen to. I think one of the reasons Tom likes Renee so much is that she listens to him and respects his opinions. I'm very happy to have Tom play drums or guitar in his free time rather than be in front of a computer or TV. It's a great way for him to be creative in a fun way. Playing drums for him is also a good stress release, and it's so important for teens to have positive avenues for stress release."

-Merilee Colle, mom

"What I like about taking drum lessons (with Renee) is that it's a lot of fun. My parents want me to do activities out of school so I stay active, and this is way better, to me, than any sport. Having music can help you in many ways. For instance, you're in a bad mood, you can just wail and pound on your drums. It makes you feel better. I think music also helps you with math. I've been taking music lessons since I was in second grade with various instruments (guitar and drums) and I'm in an advanced math class. Music lessons are really good to take for fun and education purposes."

-Tom, 14